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Journey & Sage Photo Session

I had such a wonderful time photographing these beautiful ambassadors Journey, Sage, and Cody. Journey is one of the best known wolves in the entertainment industry, having been featured on television, in music videos, film, and more. He had recently completed a video with Selena Gomez and Marshmello. Sage is an extremely sensitive and intuitive animal, never will you feel such a powerful positive energy from another animal. Cody is a whopping 17 years old, and has more energy and moves around faster than most animals half her age! With Sage and her human mom Lori Wynn's impending move to the East Coast, I was booked to capture the lasts images of everyone together before the big move.

I fell deeply in love with these incredible animals and has a very strong admiration for the individuals whose entire lives are dedicated to the wellbeing and conservation of our natural world. The connection one feels when looking into the eyes of a wolf is unbelievable. Contrary to popular belief, these are not wild animals, they are domestically bred to be a part of the respected ambassador program, and are specially trained and cared for to love the company of people.

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