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Powder Session

Powder Session

$100 per dog, each pup gets to run twice! 3 fully edited images and the colored powder included in the price! Images are sent in full-resolution and ready for printing (but will also look beautiful uploaded online)! These sessions make incredible wall art pieces!




• The powder is made of corn starch and natural colorants.


• The powder can ONLY be applied to the shoulders and back, we will not be applying to the head or face. Although the powder is made of natural and safe ingredients, we will not risk the powder going anywhere near the dog’s eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. I will show you how to apply the powder to your dog!


• Each dog gets two powdered runs. We will do a pre-run without the powder so that your pup understands what we are asking them to do! You can use the same color for both runs or a different color per run.


• It is suggested to use two people, one person to hold the dog and the other person to catch the dog. If you’ve done Dash Dogs or Fast CAT, it’s a similar arrangement!


• Don’t be concerned if you don’t see a lot of powder come off your dog’s back with your eyes- I use a very high resolution camera to capture it all, and can add a bit more powder in post-processing if there are gaps!


• Most importantly, have fun!


*By booking this event, you agree that you have read and accepted the above information. By booking this event, you also agree that there may be risk involved with this type of activity, and you agree to hold Anabel DFlux | Deliquesce Flux Photography, LLC, harmless from liability.

    Available Powder Colors
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