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Anabel DFlux began her artistic journey at the age of ten, upon being gifted her first camera. This newfound passion quickly turned into a skilled endeavor, and by the age of fifteen, Anabel had opened her own photography service, DFlux Photography. By seventeen, her photography service became a full-time profession. By the age of nineteen, Anabel had received an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications, and by the age of twenty-three, a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing with a focus on branding and content marketing. Although photography is a self-taught skill, during this time, Anabel had also collaborated with several well-known photographers, attended multiple workshops and panels, and received a few certifications- all in order to increase her knowledge and further her passion.


Anabel’s love for art and creation has always been an innate feeling, and she prides herself on having a natural sensitivity for composition, aesthetic, and various other aspects of visual art. This aids in her keen ability to understand what it takes to make a great photograph, not just a good one. The camera is as much a part of her as her arm, and became an extension of her body. Alongside this, Anabel’s life-long passion for animals and music brings forth her strongest work.


DFlux Photography began as a canine portrait service, servicing pet owners in the Los Angeles area at local dog parks and community events. She then swiftly moved into the marvelous world of dog sport photography, going on to currently receive a position photographing for three agility clubs, one scent sport club, and one barn hunt organization. However, throughout her career, she has worked with two dock diving clubs, one herding organization, six agility clubs, one flyball club, and two disc dog clubs. Her work has been featured and used by the American Kennel Club and the United States Dog

Agility Association. Anabel has had the honor of photographing both national and international canine champions, as well as their litters. To help in her ability to work so well with dogs, Anabel has taken up agility classes and taken seminars on body language.


Simultaneously, Anabel’s teenage love for music manifested in her desire to photograph musicians and their various escapades. Having shot her very first musician portraits at the age of sixteen and her first concert the same year, her music photography career began rolling very quickly. Despite the industry’s hardships and tumultuous statistics, Anabel persevered in her desire to be a part of the music industry, albeit in a photographic sense. Since then, she has worked tirelessly with hundreds of bands, had her music photography published just as many times (in print and online), and received Senior Journalist positions at three music magazines, such as Outburn Magazine. She had previously worked for Substream Magazine, and had her work featured in Revolver Magazine, AP, Blabbermouth, and more. Anabel loves promoting all of the musicians that grace the front of her lens, and found a deep love for writing about their music. As of 2017, Anabel can officially say that her music work has reached an international level, with her photography being published in various music outlets within Finland, England, and Norway.


Modeling photography, family portraits, engagement sessions, and other such fun photographic escapades followed quickly in suit. Anabel’s grandmother describes her as “having a natural talent for bonding and relating to every stranger she ever meets. She makes them feel like they’ve been best friends for years.” Anabel loves hearing stories from individuals in all walks of life, and finds their personalities and life experiences to be deeply inspirational. Her goal is to bring out everyone’s unique individuality, beauty, and character in every photograph she takes. Anabel always puts the client’s comfort above all else, and actively ensures that each photo session is filled with nothing but fun, laughter, and life-long memories. Anabel DFlux has also shot and created multiple fashion editorials for designers, and they have been published in over 30 different print magazines and catalogs, often using known models.


However, potentially the most unique and interesting twist in Anabel’s career is her partnership and work with exotic animals. Something that most definitely happened on a whim, sprinkled with a bit of luck, Anabel fell into the world of wolfdogs (commonly, but by scientific standards improperly, called “wolf hybrids”) which then led to her work with various species of foxes, dingoes, and tigers. Anabel fell deeply in love with these incredible animals and has a very strong admiration for the individuals whose entire lives are dedicated to the wellbeing and conservation of our natural world. The connection one feels when looking into the eyes of a wolf is unbelievable. Anabel DFlux has partnered with marvelous organizations to bring these creatures to photo shoots, and uses the photographs to debunk myths surrounding the animals, encourage the public to step up and protect their wild counterparts, and to raise funds for conservation. Contrary to popular belief, these are not wild animals, they are domestically bred to be a part of the respected ambassador program, and are specially trained and cared for to love the company of people.


In 2015, Anabel DFlux had officially made her photography classes available to the public, and in 2017, she had been offered a positions as an educational writer for several online photography resources. As a self-taught photographer, Anabel feels that she has a different understanding of learning, and loves to offer that to students that have not had much success with traditional learning schemes and lesson plans. She teaches students of all skill levels and with all types of camera equipment, as well as post processing techniques and artistic business management skills. Her goal is to ensure that everyone understands the maximum capabilities of their equipment so that they can go forth and create the work that they dream of! From 2018-2019, Anabel DFlux taught seminars at Canon USA through their Live Learning program. In 2019, Anabel began teaching at Samy’s Photo School in Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Ana. Mid-2019, Anabel became an ambassador for Sigma Corporation of America and has dedicated her time to education through Sigma's incredible array of events!

Anabel DFlux loves to give back to the community, and can frequently be seen donating photography sessions and creating visual content for organizations such as CLEAR Canine Cancer & Lymphoma, East Valley Animal Shelter, Adopt the Arts Foundation, multiple wolf conservation centers, and the Judith A Bassett Canid Conservation & Education Center

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