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2017 Wolfdog Walk: San Diego

Potentially the most unique and interesting twist in my photographic career is my partnership and work with exotic animals. Something that most definitely happened on a whim (thanks to Rogue's family), sprinkled with a bit of luck, I fell into the world of wolfdogs (commonly, but by scientific standards improperly, called “wolf hybrids”). I fell deeply in love with these incredible animals and have a very strong admiration for the individuals whose entire lives are dedicated to the well-being and conservation of our natural world. The connection one feels when looking into the eyes of a wolf is unbelievable.

I have long since partnered with marvelous people to bring these creatures to photo shoots, and uses the photographs to debunk myths surrounding the animals, encourage the public to step up and protect their wild counterparts, and to raise funds for conservation. Contrary to popular belief, these are not wild animals, they are domestically bred, and are specially trained and cared for to love the company of people.

Once every year, all of these beautiful animals gather in San Diego to allow the public to interact with them. It's been a pleasure to be a part of the festivities once more! This event is organized by Scott Soto, one of the premier breeders and owners of these gorgous creatures.

Wolfdogs come in various contents, or the amount of wolf in them. Most of these animals pictured are known as high-contents, which means they are more wolf than dog. Some are mid-contents, which means the level of dog and wolf are approximately even. Two are low-contents, which means thy have more dog than wolf. It's amazing to see the differences, can you spot them?

Disclaimer: ALL animals were on leash, the leashes were removed via Photoshop for aesthetic purposes. These animals are never off-leash.













Sora with Teton


Drifter (Siberian Husky)

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