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Gaiapatra, Lycan, & Yari Session

I adore when some of my favorite people collaborate together. I had the enormous pleasure of photographing the talented Giapatra with the famous Lycan and Yari, two beautiful wolfdogs. Taking place at the best photo studio in Los Angeles, the Photo Film Stage allowed us to let the animals frolic off-leash and have the time of their life loving on the beautiful model.

This was Yari and Lycan's first studio shoot, and they did absolutely wonderful! From getting to know all of Gaiapatra's friends and loved ones present at the session, to letting their personalities shine through each and every photograph, this was certainly one of my favorite exotic animal shoots to date. Gaiapatra's love for animals was beautifully showcased that day.

For more on Yari and Lycan's adventures, follow them on Instagram!

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