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Zephyr Session

The sweet 10 week old Zephyr came to visit for photographs all the way from Washington! Zephyr is a high-content wolfdog, an animal that is almost indistinguishable from wolves.

Wolfdogs are a mix between a wolf and a domestic dog, but contrary to popular belief, modern wolfdogs are far removed from their wild counterparts- because the animals are bred wolfdog-to-wolfdog. This allows the wolf content (the amount of wolf in the animal's DNA) to reach very high levels, such as this little guy which has very little dog DNA in him. This helps keep some docile domestic dog traits and good temperaments.

High content wolfdogs are not your average pet dog- these special animals require a very educated owner that is fluent in wolf behavior and 24 hour care.

This little pup is a part of W.O.L.F. Lupine Dogs in Washington, USA.


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