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The New Foxes of the JABCECC

"In March, a colleague informed us about some foxes that needed help. This colleague works with the groundbreaking Russian Domesticated Fox Project at the Institute of Cytology and Genetics. This scientific project, originally started to better understand how wolves turned into man's BFF, has been ongoing for over 60 years and is currently helping scientists better understand many human social bonding disorders, like Autism Spectrum Disorder. Under normal circumstances, some of the kits from their litters are placed in homes, zoos, or sanctuaries across the world to live their lives as ambassador animals, companions, educators, and more. You may have met a few of them at our center during one of our encounters. Viktor, Maksa and Mikhail are from this amazing project.

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, inflation in transportation costs, and increased difficulty of the importation process, no one wanted to attempt placing the baby foxes this year. The process was perceived as too difficult, too costly, and too much effort for anyone to try, leaving these foxes to be left behind. Our colleague fell in love with one of the baby foxes and named her Panda due to her beautiful white and black coloring. Panda is the friendliest of foxes. She squeals in delight when someone takes some time to give her some attention. She shared with us her love of Panda and Panda's amazing Pals and you know what? We fell in love too. If we can not find a way to get Panda out of Russia her future will be very bleak." Writes the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center in California.

Well... the rescue was successful! All 9 of the Russian foxes had made it safely to California, into this incredible, loving, and passionate nonprofit. Here are some candid snaps on the new babies running around their playground enclosure!

We are still raising funds to help offset some of the costs of rescuing these sweet babies. You can donate, book an encounter, book a photo shoot, or sponsor a fox at!


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