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The New Foxes of JABCECC

Join the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center in welcoming three Russian boys, Yuri (platinum), Dimitri (silver), and Baby Vlad (cross)to the JABCECC.

"We started out the year with the mission to save more lives....Covid hit us... but didn’t stop us!! The impossible became the possible because we believed we should, we believed we could, and we believed we had to!! We had to save Panda and her Pals... both the US fur farm foxes and the Russian domesticated fox babies!

With perseverance,Commitment and sacrifice, we saved 30 Fur farm foxes in the US and we are bringing 9 Russian domesticated foxes from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics to the center! Yuri, Vlad and Dimitri are three of the 9! They are currently being quarantined and evaluated as they acclimate... but these guys are resilient and beyond amazing! So sweet, curious, and loving!"


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