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SIGMA 65mm F/2 C Lens

So excited to spill the beans on this one... SIGMA Corporation of America has announced the brand new I series lenses- and I very excitedly got to play with the 65mm F2 DG DN Contemporary! You can take a look to see how I put this lens to the test in and around the house with my favorite subjects.

To me, the greatest beauty of the SIGMA 65mm F2 DG DN Contemporary is that it truly is a wonderful companion. You want a lens that becomes a reliable friend to count on when the right image comes about. This nifty 65mm can so easily ride along in a bag with me or sit on the edge of my desk, ready to capture any moment with ease — and knowing its sharpness and accuracy, I can spend more time focusing on photographing and less on being concerned as to whether that moment will actually be well documented with the gear within my reach.


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