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Poppy and Payson Session

For our furry best friends, the best is not too much to ask for. Poppy And Payson is a handcrafted canine collar, leash, and accessory company based in Southern California. The newest pink collection was capturing in the beautiful pink room at Monarch Studios, a perfect setting. The models are Andalyn's very own basenji pups!

"In 2020, like so many of us, Andalyn experienced a sudden career change. Spending more time at home, she found herself pursuing a new challenge, something where she could find the perfect blend of her creativity, talents, and passion.

As an experienced high-end fashion industry expert, Andalyn knew she wanted to work with her hands and create something stylish and long-lasting. After extensive research, education, and hands-on experience, she began her journey into leather working.

Poppy & Payson was created to offer handcrafted collars and accessories to pet lovers. Their products provide a luxurious and customizable experience because every dog deserves to be fashionable."


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