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JABCECC Jackal Pups Updated Session

Some time ago, the incredible nonprofit JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center became the new home of a litter of African black-backed jackal pups. Well, these babies aren't so little anymore so it was time for an updated session!

The amazing JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center is home to a brand new litter of babies - ten week old black-backed jackals!


"They were born in captivity and needed a home where they would be loved and well cared for, but also a home where they could live a life of purpose. A home where they could teach people all canids deserve to live, both as a species and as individuals. We knew we could provide that. Clearly a one way ticket for them to Johannesburg was out of the question. We sprung into action getting the necessary permits and building the infrastructure to care for them.

These precious babies were donated to the center by Mikayla Raines from @saveafox_rescue - we want to formally thank Mikayla and Ethan for trusting us with these precious souls.

To say that we have all fallen madly in love with these babies is a gross understatement!!! They are some of the sweetest babies and we are honored to be their guardians in this world as you fall in love with them.

If you haven’t booked an encounter, now is the time and maybe you will get a rare chance to see these baby Black Back Jackals!

The babies are available for Sponsorship and we have created an Amazon Wish list for these babies!"


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