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Faelen Sigma Session

We had a grand time playing with some more Sigma lenses these past couple of weeks- including the lovely 28mm F/1.4 DG HSM Art for Sony E-Mount! With the wonderful Faelen as model.

His owner Moira writes, "Faelen is a multigenerational Wolfdog, meaning he is a mix of grey wolf and dog breeds, but hasn’t had a pure wolf in his family for a very long time. Faelen himself is mostly wolf with some malamute and German Shepherd dog mixed in! Faelen is a beloved but very high maintenance companion animal, and is often more similar to caring for a toddler than a normal dog. One of the most important things Faelen does is act as an ambassador animal in public for wolves and other wolfdogs. Due to his striking looks, large size, and obvious differences from a normal dog, Faelen attracts a lot of attention and a lot of questions! Answering these questions and helping the public learn about wolfdogs (and why they don’t make good family pets) and their wild wolf cousins (and why they’re so critical to our ecosystems) is incredibly important to us. "


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