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Danielle and Erin Session

When Danielle reached out to me, it was the universe putting us together for a specific purpose - and she expressed these sentiments better than I could have. If you've been following me for some time now, then you likely have seen photographs of Christy Conn's Shetland sheepdogs and litters. Tragically, Christy passed away unexpectedly. I never expected to see her pups again, but when I announced my travel to Texas... Danielle reached out. Danielle was one of Christy's absolute closest friends and gave a home to two wonderful dogs.

"I can’t even begin to express the emotions flowing through me right now. I was absolutely blessed with the opportunity to land a photoshoot with the one and only Anabel DFlux. As some know, Anabel is the photographer who did pictures of Cirice and his brothers when they were just weeks old. When I saw Anabel pop up in a Texas group offering sessions while she visited, I nearly ascended out of my seat. THE Anabel Dflux? THE Anabel who knew my Wonton and Cirice before I even did. What an absolute honor to have them in front of her lens again. These are a small handful of the absolutely breathtaking shots she got of them. We had so much fun and Anabel truly captured the beauty and personality of both. I know Christy is absolutely beaming over the fact that Anabel got to see the kids again. "

Erin is Danielle's close friend, and came along to help wrangle the four legged kids. I captured her heart dog, a beautiful Australian shepherd, during the shoot as well.

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