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Daniel Corey Session

When three creative minds come together, magic happens! It was such a pleasure to collaborate on this incredible set of images with the multitalented Daniel Corey (the subject) and the projection-mapping expertise of Nick Annis | Guitars and Spacebars.

From Daniel's own website, "Daniel Corey is a writer and content producer who has created for comics, live theatre and virtual reality. Daniel’s projects include the graphic novels BLOODWORTH and PROPHET, which he wrote and distributed through his company, DangerKatt, as well as MORIARTY and RED CITY, which he published through Image Comics (home of THE WALKING DEAD). MORIARTY has been adapted into a VR comic book titled MORIARTY: ENDGAME VR, which earned him the #2 spot on Onalytica’s Top 100 VR Influencers list." Alongside this, Daniel also creates beautiful music - which we hoped to represent in these fantastic shots.

In regard to the location, projection mapping can open up a world of possibilities... We've been mixing projections and photography to create unique content for musicians, brands, and portraits alike! The bakcgrounds were generated by Daniel himself, with the expert mapping and studio space provided by Nick.


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