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Black Veil Brides "Saviour II" Session

What a joy to produce BTS images for the brand new Black Veil Brides video SAVIOUR II, by Industrialism Films 📸

From Andy Black:

"There are few songs in our career where I have felt the lyrics I wrote convey the message and way I was feeling when sitting down to write them more than this song. Early in 2020 Jinx wrote this incredible piece of music as a tribute to the loss of a loved one and from the first time we heard it we knew it was special, I hope that whatever meaning you derive from this song brings an impact to your life. I have been extremely fortunate to get to make music professionally since I was a teenager and that has come with a lot of responsibilities, some that often felt bigger than I could handle at a young age. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to reflect more on the opportunity and what it means to me. The good, the bad and the inconceivably lucky moments I have had across the span of the past 15 years and I want to thank you all for every single one of them.


Huge thank you to everyone who contributed their time and effort to making this video happen. Vicente Cordero and his entire crew, all of the incredible musicians who performed in the video, Nikki Nouvelle , Blasko and the BVB team, everyone in Sumerian Records, Erik Ron, and Anthony Reeder for helping to bring this song to life. ⁣"


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