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Bella Kelly Session

What a pleasure it was to have Bella Kelly and David Gnozzi (Mixbus Tv) in front of my lens! So many incredible captures came to fruition this day. Bella is an immensely talented and skilled musician, with her most recent music video Throat already surpassing 700k views!

"At one of the lowest emotional points for her personally, as a young adult, the dark fire and churning sentiment under her surface were recognized by David Gnozzi, the Italian-born producer and YouTube star. Well versed in everything from pulsating electronic-driven music to rock and hip-hop, Gnozzi began a creative partnership with BELLA that was nothing less than revelatory. Over two years, BELLA sharpened her sound and musical identity, with David producing, resulting in more than 30 songs, and fully realized narrative visions for music videos and related imagery."

Check out the phenomenal video at, and immerse yourself in Bella's world by visiting You can keep up with David and Mixbus TV at


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