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Jinjer Live Session

A female-fronted band from Ukraine, Jinjer has absolutely taken the world by storm with their extremely powerful music (both melodically and vocally). Formed in 2009, metalheads have been drooling for a band like Jinjer- delivering a live performance just as phenomenal as the music itself. Since their inception, the band has released three full-length albums and three EPs. Right on the cusp of releasing new material, this performance was candidly well scheduled for the band’s great traction, as their current tour dates are all selling out! Jinjer delivered a

performance like no other, even in a small space, vocalist Tatiana commanded the crowd and even found her way right into the thick of it mid-set. Her musicians-in-crime Roman, Eugene, and Vladislav all played with an immense fervor, complimenting their singer’s high energy.

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