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Sansa Session

Photography is powerful- photography can heal, remind, celebrate, and capture a story that needs to be told. This was one such session, one such moment. The story that came with this precious dog and her beloved owner Jenica touched every heart string I have.

Meet Sansa.

Sansa is said to be a jindo. But she's not just another cute house dog. Sansa was rescued from the dog meat market, in which dogs are beaten and tortured under the belief that it makes their meat "better". These dogs are kept in tiny cages. The conditions being inhumane is a light way of describing the situation.

Jenica saved Sansa and took her into her home in December, and has been working diligently to rehabilitate her into her new happy, safe, well fed, and comfortable life. Sansa is slowly learning how to be a dog, having never been exposed to dog toys or a warm bed before. Sansa is slowly learning to trust people again.

Sadly, recently Sansa was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Jenica is showering Sansa with love every single day, making the best of all the beautiful time they have together- so that Sansa can finally know what human love, kindness, and family really means.

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