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Bullet Height Live Session

Berlin transplants Bullet Height have left a mark on their brand new city of angels playing Club Bar Sinister on Halloween night. Having been formed in Germany as a collaborative duo between Sammi Doll (IAMX) and Jon Courtney (Pure Reason Revolution), the band has evolved into a California live element set to conquer the states. With new live members Evan Rodaniche, Nick Rossi, Dante Phoenix, and Bryan Stage, the band has become a full blown powerhouse.

With the debut album “No Atonement” having released in May of this year, the band holds ten “unpredictable tracks of dark, primal conviction, pulped with the avant-garde, with industrialized electronica, with heavy metal guitars” to showcase their unique and unconventional sound. Gracing the ears of a packed house, audience members were both enthralled and deeply captivated by Bullet Height’s performance. With music that equally bludgeons as it seduces, it’s quite impossible to stand still during such a powerful performance.

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