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MGT Concert Session

From the mind of Mark Thwaite comes MGT, a musical project that embodies the classic Goth rock sound that would make even the darkest of hearts swoon. Having seen immense success from the debut record “Volumes”, featuring the breakout ABBA-cover single “Knowing Me Knowing You” sung by Ville Valo (HIM), MGT began 2018 swinging with the release of brand new album Gemini Nyte. With vocals and lyricism brought to fruition by the impressive Ashton Nyte, “Gemini Nyte” is a collaborative effort between two musicians that need no introduction, merging their musical experiences together to create this new album. Having played significant roles in other projects such as The Mission, The Awakening, Tricky, Peter Murphy, and so much more- it is clear to hear how years of fostering talent with skill has paid off. Between the lyrics that “meander through the realms of melancholy introspection” (Ashton Nyte) and impressive melodies that would impress any listener, it is of no wonder that “Gemini Nyte” has captured the ears of so many.

It was a pleasure capturing this incredible ensemble live in San Francisco, California. A wee bit far from home, the trip was well worth exercising my camera.

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