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Jyrki 69 Concert Session

The Helsinki vampire himself is back- along with his band of American vampires. Jyrki 69 is a musical endeavor titled after the front man himself, Finnish Goth rock legend Jyrki (of The 69 Eyes). With an impressive goth n’ roll career that spans almost three decades, Jyrki 69 is no stranger to the world of stardom. His newest artistic adventures come in the form of the solo album Helsinki Vampire, released in June of last year through Cleopatra Records- a record that is coming to life on the MGT + Jyrki 69 West Coast tour. Making a stop in the illustrious urban San Francisco, California, Jyrki 69 performed at the DNA Lounge in the heart of the city. Joined by incredible musicians Kyle Cunningham on drums (MadLife), Diego “Ashes” Ibarra on bass (Devildriver), and Ace Von Johnson on guitar (Faster Pussycat), this quartet is a dark force to be reckoned with.

I've known, and photographed, several of the American vampires for many years through their various musical escapades, and it was a pleasure to be roped into photographing Jyrki 69- a musician I had been listening to for many years.

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