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(18+) Sammi Doll "AN OM IE" Music Video Session

It's finally here! Sammi Doll's music video AN OM IE has premiered in Alternative Press (AP) Magazine!

"You may recognize Sammi Doll from her work in synth-driven bands as IAMX and Kat Von D. Today Alternative Press is premiering the video for Doll's first solo track, "AN OM IE," which shows the breadth of her artistic vision. "This is the first song that I've written and released under my name," Doll says. "I wrote it with Sean and Juliette Beavan. We got in the studio and the first melody and word to come to my head was “ENEMY." Which switches later in the song to become 'AN OM IE.' ANOMIE theory is the state of social disintegration. We as a society, live within this theory. And we are our own worst enemy." The song will make your head nod and the ending will make you jump..."

The AN OM IE would not have been possible without Elias Mallin, Sean and Juliette Beavan, Avi Ghosh, Ron Underwood, Paul Mullen, Bryan Stage, Evan Rodaniche, Dante Phoenix, Nick Rossi, Janine Gezang, Jon Siren, Kat Von D, Angelina Sambrotto, Meghan Sanders, Jim Louvau, Danny Finn, Nick Annis, Anabel DFlux, Michael Maddox, Jimi Johnson, and Davey Suicide.


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