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Texas Haven Session

During my trip out to the DFW area of Texas, I had the sincere pleasure of meeting so many different types of people - and capturing their stories. Texas Haven was one of my favorite experiences.

Located about an hour outside of Dallas, Texas Haven is a stunning farm property that is home to Emily and her furry family. Emily's dream was always to have a beautiful farm to raise her animals on, and she finally made it happen with Texas Haven. But getting to this point was far from easy.

After a tumultuous journey to acquire the property, Emily was finally able to bring her vision to life. And what a vision it is! Seeing the joy in the animals' eyes and feeling the serenity of the property was truly awe-inspiring. It's clear that Texas Haven is more than just a farm; it's a sanctuary, a haven, and a place where the beauty of nature and the love for animals are celebrated.


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