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Kirby Beach Session

I had the sincere pleasure of having Kirby McIlveen and her pack of talented pups as my photo subjects, a great way to push the 150-600mm lens to the test! Having discovered dogs sports in 2003 through canine agility competitions with her then Shih Tzu, Lucky, Kirby had been enjoying extracurricular activities with her pups for many years. In 2006, Kirby’s family expanded with the addition of Sketch, a border collie that brought her into the world of flying disc. Over the years, many more pups have joined the team and allowed Kirby to compete all over the world in the sport she has such a strong passion for. To this day, Kirby and her dogs impress the world with their disc tricks, and perform in a variety of television spots, halftime shows, and so much more.


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