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Internet Noise Session

When your drummer is missing in action, what do you do? Make a cut-out of him of course! What a fun shoot this was to do for metal act Internet Noise, located in good ol' Los Angeles County.

The band's official biography writes "After years of jokes about combining mutual Pop-Punk influences like Green Day with Metal influences like Slayer, Internet Noise was born.

The band was formed by long time friends Duncan Domino and Geordy Shallan in the wake of former projects, with the line-up being finalized by Geordy’s long time close friend and musical co-contributor Thomas Bryans joining the group on bass and backing vocals.

The goal of Internet Noise is simple - to look at memes and follow our dreams.

We're serious about music, but we'll never take ourselves too seriously. So if you believe in the power of the riff and like having a good time, stay tuned and be sure to give us a like here. "


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