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The Brand New Lensbaby Omni Filter System

I had the sincere honor of beta testing the brand new product from lens-extraordinaires Lensbaby! The new Omni Filter System allows you to turn any lens that you own into a Lensbaby by adding a system of effects and filters.

Shoot through crystals and other objects specifically engineered by Lensbaby to create professional and compelling in-camera effects. Designed to work with your existing lenses, OMNI offers control and repeatability without having to change your gear. No more Photoshopping! The system comes with unique Effect Wands that attach magnetically and distort the light as it enters the lens – creating a myriad of magical in-camera effects. Pre-order your own system here:

Below are photographs taken by myself using the Omni System, with special thank you to Kevin Thrasher (Escape the Fate), Kyle Cunningham (MadLife, Neon Coven, Jyrki69, and many more), Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse of BatFarm, Ashes (DevilDriver), Alex Crescioni (DIM7, Stygian Sound), and Aaron Lee (Killin' Candace) for lending themselves to this project!

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