Happy New Year

For those that follow my Instagram account, this is my most popular nine images of 2017 (according to user interaction) and I think this grid describes my year perfectly. I've been so lucky to work with some of the most phenomenal musicians I have ever known, absolutely incredible canine athletes that would put a human athlete to shame, beautiful wolves and foxes courtesy of the most passionate people that have come into my life, and of course, all of the beautiful souls that have trusted me to create photographic art for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May 2018 be prosperous for you, filled with health and happiness.

Let's make some amazing art in 2018. Booking now! From left to right:

Photographing the first week of HIM's farewell tour, the gorgeous Luna Marie with Mikhail of the JAB Canid Education and Conservation Center wearingHolly Rafaela with makeup by Hey Saylor Cosmeticspublished in Gilded Magazine, Mila Starfyre wearingKillstar (and more in Xpressions Magazine and Dark Beauty Magazine), Jinny Chow's gorgeous shelties, Amalee the sweet horse (thank you Deborah Davidson Harpur!), A candid portrait of Ville Valo, Rogue the high content wolfdog loved by Lori Lumgair and John Lumgair, Morgan Nicole andCooper Westerman's maternity session, and another of the beautiful Luna Marie with Maksa the fox from JABCECC.


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