Andrew Wilkinson Session

I love when photo shoots involve spontaneous adventures- as was the case with my session with Andrew Wilkinson and his friend Sam. Visiting California from England, we went gallivanting all over Los Angeles in search of unique photography spots (with a stop to grab sushi in between). From the Old Zoo to the Hollywood Sign to LACMA, and everything in between, it was certainly a memorable day! The session editing inspiration began evolving and developing from the slew of wonderful conversations throughout the day, as we found our interests to be very similar which correlates directly with aesthetic. It was a pleasure to take each location and change the style up entirely in the post processing stage.

Connect with Andrew here:

#andrewwilkinson #portrait #losangles #lacma #museumofart #finearrt #artpiece #drive #neondemon #movie #inspiration #retro #lightglare #film #2017


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