Grog Session

I can genuinely say that the lovely Grog is one of my biggest inspirations- such an incredible person inside and out! From rocking hard with her own music project Die So Fluid, to lending her talents to acts such as Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne, Tom DiCillo, and Mel C, to bringing peace and serenity to her students through yoga- Grog is truly a one-of-a-kind wonder woman. We have done several wonderful shoots over the span of our friendship, and I am so excited to announce the launch of her official website, IAMGROG (featuring several of our photographic escapades)!

Come take a peek at it here:

As well, Grog has launched a Pledge campaign where you can pre-order the upcoming Die So Fluid album "One Bullet from Paradise", and get a lot of cool perks! Check it out here!

#grog #grogrox #anabeldflux #websitelaunch #photosession


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