Novi Session

What many don't know is that I spend part of my time helping exotic animals (and their owners) get acquainted with set-work. From desensitizing animals to photography and film equipment to taking head shots for their portfolios, I have a deep passion for these beautiful creatures and their owners. Contrary to popular belief, exotic animals that are chosen for ambassador, acting, and modeling work as specially bred in captivity for this profession- they have wonderful temperaments and a true love for human companions.

It was my sincerest pleasure to photography and aid 15 month old Novi earlier this week. Novi is a grey and arctic ambassador wolf, residing in the San Diego area. We had a lot of fun introducing the young one to bubbles, studio equipment, and toys.

My sincerest thank you to the Photo Film Stage for having a rambunctious wolf puppy happily play in their studio! Hands down the best studio in all of Southern California.

You can follow Novi's adventures at

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