Blue Sea Motel Session

I am so very excited to post this! I had such a wonderful time photographing and designing this album- inside and out! The music is absolutely beautiful, and so worth a listen.

From Cerena Del Mar herself: "I'm thrilled to announce that my record Blue Sea Motel (The Desert Edition) has released on all stores and streaming sites!

This record represents my beginning again as a singer, with nothing but a motel room in LA, a pen, a microphone and a dream. In the same sense, I wanted it to represent that you can get any dream going as long as you're driven, resourceful and yourself.

There are no limits to creativity and how you want to make your aspirations a reality.

The quality is raw and vintage, the lyrics are real and gritty, and I hope you enjoy it should you choose to give it a listen! Support your local artist and tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world! Thank you to the ones who support me, and I'm proud to announce there are bigger things in the works for me and my career as well."

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