Empyrean Throne Session

"Chaos-Gnosticism is a spiritual orientation that is based on a dualistic belief system. What makes this satanism Gnostic is by seeking knowledge in chaos. This can be done in various rituals or meditation . According kaosgnosticism man should revert back to the out-of-chaos that gave birth to the universe. In the chaos-gnostic satanism often used kelippot as a tool to explore and seek knowledge in chaos."

I have been working with this incredible Chaos-Gnostic metal band for well over a year now. It is my absolute pleasure to announce that they have signed to a label, and are embarking on an incredible tour starting in May! Be sure to visit the Empyrean Throne website for more information on how you can be privy to their message.

#band #rock #metal #chaosgnostic #empyreanthrone #anabeldflux #photography #bandshoot #photosession #promo


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