Sage Session

"I've always said that the best wolf habitat resides in the human heart. You have to leave a little space for them to live." - Ed Bangs

Sage is an absolutely stunning, loving, and well-mannered wolfdog residing in the beautiful Los Angeles area. Off-leash trained and wonderful with all kinds of people, dogs, and animals- it was a pleasure getting to connect with this beautiful animal and her loving owner Lori.

As a result of this newfound connection and friendship, Lori and I are joining forces to offer Sage for photo shoots in the Los Angeles area. You will have the opportunity to pet, love, and get to know Sage during your session! Sage is well acquainted with our San Diego wolves Mohegan and Teddy Bear, who are also available for sessions in the San Diego area (and do travel to Los Angeles). If you want an entire pack, we can make that happen!

Please use the Contact page to schedule your session today!

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