Duchess Session

My first exotic animal session of the year went to the beautiful Duchess- a black phase Canadian gray wolf, owned by the Greenup family. This beautiful girl had quite a tumultuous life before being adopted by Tracy and Chris Greenup, having been bounced around from sanctuaries and owners and educational facilities. At the age of 7, Duchess found her forever home with the Greenups, and her new parents worked tirelessly to help her become a wonderfully social creature. She was one of the most pleasant wolves I have ever worked with, asking for belly rubs and ear pets, with such a calm and kind demeanor!

To give her wonderful family a variety of images, I changed my shooting style between location. Although these were all taken on the same day, within a two hour span, the produced imagery appear to differ greatly from one another.

#wolf #wolves #wolfdog #gray #anabeldflux #photography #photographer #animal #animals #exotic #dog


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