Jessica Bari Studio Session

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like."

- David Alan Harvey

It is incredible how much lighting changes everything. Studio sessions are renowned for their ability to provide the photographer with a blank canvas and an entirely controllable situation. From the backdrop to the lights, every aspect of the scene can be manually adjusted. During my session with musician Jessica Bari, we really pushed this concept. Each outfit of her choice was paired with lighting that complimented the mood of the clothing, effectively turning the blank canvas into a story.

The glamour lighting with two soft box diffusion created a beautiful glow that complimented Jessica's confidence and highlighted her gorgeous body.

The mood lighting with one soft box diffusion darkened one side of the frame, creating a rather emotive image.

The street and urban wear was shot with a ring light with no diffusion, showcasing a more candid, snapshot lighting scheme that still softened her skin nicely.

#model #portrait #studio


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