Valkyrium Session

"Land of sun and land of moonlight, land that gave us joy and sorrow, land that gave us love and laughter, we will go home across the mountains"

- Old Norse Folk Song

California's landscape is changing- with the consistent rain and moisture in the air, the once barren lands have now become green and lush with growth. Right before the onslaught of a heavy down pour, I met up with melodic Pagan metal band Valkyrium for a promotional photo shoot for their recently released album "Reign Til Runa". The Santa Monica mountains could not be any more perfect for this shoot's setting, inspiring each and every one of us. A very peaceful, quiet, foggy day- I could not have asked for a better photo session with this incredibly talented group of musicians, just as amazing on the inside as they are on the outside.

#band #metal #pagan #mountains #california #santamonica #pagam #music #promo #anabeldflux #photography #foggy #rain #cold #photograph


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