Melissa, Dro, & Luna Session

"You cannot share your life with a dog or a cat, and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings."

- Jane Goodall

During my two week trip to Colorado, I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful family; Melissa Marie, Dro, and their wolfdog Luna. Incredibly warm and thoughtful people, I felt right at home in their presence.

We set up a studio in the living room using Dro's backdrop and lighting, as I was restricted by what I could bring on the plane to Colorado. Dro is a well-known YouTuber and member of the band Deadstar Assembly, with a passion for animals, music, and photography. Having worked with exotic animals for many, many years- Dro's YouTube channel features videos on the joys, difficulties, and everyday life of owning exotic animals, as well as other subjects that peak his interest.

Melissa is, genuinely, one of the strongest ladies I have ever met. Having overcome much in her lifetime, she's an absolute sweetheart and was very excited for our session. She made photographing easy and fun, a very appreciative gesture. Paired with an equally creative mind, we had a lot of fun with various looks, concepts, and styles during our shoot.

Luna is one of the absolute friendliest wolfdogs I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Consistently donning a big smile on her face, her primary goal was to lick and play with us.

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