IAMX Concert Session

I had the pleasure of photographing infamous band IAMX again a couple of days ago, for the final date of their North American tour. A notoriously hard band to photograph, it was an absolute joy to be at it again! For those that are not aware, I also work as the senior photojournalist for a couple of music magazines- I love promoting musicians.

Photographs and review will be published in Rock Revolt Magazine, however, here is a snippet from that article:

"Visceral, zealous, stimulating, eccentric, ethereal, emotional- even more adjectives to add from our last review of the infamous IAMX. From the dark clutches of the mastermind Chris Corner’s deepest thoughts, this exceptional band has found their way back to Los Angeles at the notorious Regent Theater.For the lucky fans that managed to score tickets to this theatrical extravaganza, IAMX bellowed out an extended set, featuring two encores. However, this extended concert was simultaneously bittersweet as the band announced the end of an era, and the anticipation of a significant break while new music is being concocted in the background. The last of the North American show (for a bit of time anyways!) truly went out with a bang." - Anabel DFlux.

Come view the images below:

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