Athanasia Session

Formerly known as Ascension, I have had the remarkable pleasure of embarking on yet another adventure with these lads! These promotional photographs always involve traveling to very unique locations, and this time, we traversed all the way to the infamous Salton Sea. A journey that involved a tremendous amount of time in the car, the photographs of this bizarre locations was well worth the drive!

From the band:

"After over a decade performing under the banner of Ascension, I have decided to lay that band to rest. I am very excited to announce that out of its ashes has formed a new band called Athanasia once again featuring myself on guitar and vocals, Brandon from Ascension on bass and background vocals, and Murder FM/ex-Murderdolls/Wednesday 13 drummer Jason West! We will be releasing our first single as this new band entitled "Spoils of War" on October 13th at 13:07 CEST. The Spoils of War are waiting! °‡°°‡° -Caleb"

#athanasia #band #music #portrait #saltonsea


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