JABC E&CC Preview Party

We had an incredible event at The Pizza Port Bressi Ranch this past weekend to promote the new Canid education center! It was a pleasure to document with my camera. With special guests such as Frank Sidoris (Slash), Andrew Knudsen (Emyprean Throne), Alex Crescioni (Diminished 7 / Stygian Sound), and so much more- this was the place to be!

To quote the Judith A Bassett Canid Education & Conservation Center:

"It has been said that dogs are man's best friend. This is a sentiment that anyone who has ever shared their life with one of these lovable canids would certainly agree. My husband and I have spent all our lives around these remarkable animals. We are now opening a canid (canine) education and conservation center in the Santa Ysabel area to try to give back to these animals some of the love they have given us. The center is dedicated specifically to canids. The canid family consists of two groups, wolf/dog like animals (Canines) and fox like animals (Vulpines). We presently have Ambassador Russian domesticated foxes, Ambassador wolves, New Guinea Singing Dogs, and domesticated dogs."

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