One of the most talented new acts to hit Los Angeles, Ascension is a highly original hybrid of a variety of metal genres- including death metal, thrash metal, and arena metal. With a presence as grand as the band’s name itself, Ascension opened the night for The Regent’s new residency metal show.

Band members E Vincent (also known as Caleb Bingham. Due to the neglect imposed by his father, “from henceforth I am no longer my father’s son. I am now my grandfather’s son. His name translates to “noble conqueror.” He was the wisest, most brilliant and honorable man I have ever known and it is not only an honor for me to attempt to live up to his name and deeds but also fitting for me to take the name of a great conqueror whilst conquering my own shortcomings.“) and Brandon Miller are no strangers to the world of metal- having been in other bands previously (including Five Finger Death Punch and Zonaria). These two lads most definitely showed the audience exactly what they can do, playing complex melodies and heavy vocals. Drums for this show was taken over by the talented William Liermann III, who busted out cool rhythms that definitely got the crowd moving.

Check out my photographs of metal band Ascension on RockRevolt Magazine:

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