"Oh, Cruel Darkness"

"We’re all sleepwalkin’ the American dream In a loop of building a cage and burying the keys There’s only good and bad, there's nowhere in between Everybody loves to judge, everybody thinks they’re clean... Oh, cruel darkness, want you to embrace me."


It's finally here! Those that attended my earlier gallery show have already seen this series, but those that have not... I am so excited to unveil my collaboration with the beautiful Ashe Wensday!

This seven image series has been featured in the launch issue of Beautivation Magazine, which can be purchased here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/1102652.

The original, high-quality framed gallery print is available for purchase, poster prints will be made available soon.

You can view the uncensored series here.

#photoshoot #photosession #photography #portrait #artisticnude #blackandwhite #art #anabeldflux #deliquesceflux #losangeles #california #southerncalifornia


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